Plenary Speakers

Pierre Petroff (UCSB)

"Molecular Beam Epitaxy: Then, Now and Tomorrow."


Hideo Ohno (Tohoku University)

"Ferromagnetic III-V Semiconductor Spintronics"


Nicolas Grandjean (EPFL)

"Semiconductor microcavity: when light and matter behave as one"

Invited Speakers

Mon B1.1

Growth and characterization of C60/GaAs interfaces and C60 doped GaAs

Jiro Nishinaga

Tue A1.1


Nucleation and growth of collector-induced and self-induced GaN nanowires - a comparison

Lutz Geelhaar

Tue B1.5

MBE growth of VCSELs for high volume applications

Roland Jäger

Tue A2.1

III-V nanowires fabricated with modulated fluxes: a method to investigate the chronology of their growth

Fauzia Jabeen

Tue B2.4

Spin Dynamics of Mn in Nanostructures

Joel Cibert

Tue B3.1

Mechanical to electrical energy transduction using a micromechanical 2DES cantilever

Hiroshi Yamaguchi

Wed A1.1

Formation and Application of Patterned III-V Nanopillar Arrays

Diana Huffaker

Wed A2.1

Wide-band emissions from highly stacked quantum dot structure grown using strain-compensation technique

Kouichi Akahane

Wed B2.4

Spin Hall effects in HgTe Quantum Well Structures

Christoph Brüne

Wed C3.1

Universal behavior of interface composition profiles in MBE grown III-V heterostructures

Esperanza Luna

Thu A1.1

New insights into the chemistry and kinetics of interface and surface processing during the MBE growth of III nitrides exploiting real-time spectroscopic ellipsometry

Maria Losurdo

Thu A2.1

Epitaxial systems combining oxides and semiconductors: monolithic integration of functional oxides and III-V on silicon

Bertrand Vilquin, Guillaume Saint-Girons

Thu B2.4

Metastable II-VI sulphides: growth, characterization and stability

Kevin Prior

Thu B3.1

Polarization-Engineered Nitride Heterostructure Devices: Tunneling & Doping

Debdeep Jena

Thu B3.4

Very high DC and RF performance of ultra-thin AlN/GaN HEMT structures grown by plasma-assisted MBE

Amir Dabiran

Fri A1.1

Routes towards III-V based devices on 200 mm silicon wafers

Mirja Richter

Fri B1.5

ZnSe-based lasers and laser diode converters

Sergey Ivanov

Fri A2.1

MBE - enabling technology beyond Si CMOS

Mingweih Hong






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